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Big news! We have a few Anthology Editions books in the shop right now--these books come sealed and will only be opened when they arrive at your doorstep or go home with you 📚❤️ These are truly original hardback, large format, and heavy (both in weight and material presented). They range from music to photography to art. If there is an Anthology Edition that you'd like us to get in for you--please drop a line.

Here are the four that I have available for purchase in the shop, right now:

Jane Dickson in Times Square

Jane Dickson in Times Square (2018)
Photography/Art by Jane Dickson

"Jane photographed, drew, and painted, extraordinary scenes of life in Times Square. These works, many of which are reproduced here for the first time, include candid documentary snapshots, roughly vibrant charcoal sketches, and paintings created on surfaces ranging from sandpaper to Brillo pads. Featuring a foreword by Chris Kraus, Jane Dickson in Times Square is a time machine back to a New York City that was truly wild: lawless, manic, sometimes squalid, sometimes magnificent."

Crude Intentions

Crude Intentions Zine/Art (2019)
Grace Srinavasiah & Alex Tults

"... illustration can have a way to generate meaning, bring healing, create awareness in a more sensitive and profound way.” Artist Kristen Liu-Wong

"Crude Intentions is a collection of true stories of women’s experiences with sexual harassment and assault, illustrated by over thirty talented female artists from around the world."

Spirit of 76 - London Punk Eyewitness

Spirit of 76 - London Punk Eyewitness
John Ingham Punk Photography (2017)

"Containing the only color photos from British punk’s first wave alongside Ingham’s inimitable prose, this volume constitutes a rare from-the-trenches report on the UK punk explosion from one of its original participants. Here is the story of a year made up as it happened, lived with excitement and the belief that you could make the future whatever you wanted it to be."

13th Floor Elevators

13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History
Paul Drummond (2022)

Continuing archivist Paul Drummond's exhaustive look into the legendary band the 13th Floor Elevators featuring images, posters, commentary, and more--

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