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 Spring image by Katie Alice Greer of Priests

Photo credit: Katie Alice Greer, 2015 (Spring)

ARTIST: Priests
A brief interview with Katie Alice Greer

Title of Track: "Modern Love/No Weapon"
Album: Bodies and Control and Money and Power
Record Label: Don Giovanni, 2014

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What is the story behind "Modern Love/No Weapon" and why did you write it?

Katie: It's a little bit about interpersonal infatuation, a little bit about how I am sure my infatuation will lead to no good. I'm trying to explain it but it's sort of a hard song to explain, I like that one a lot. There's a line from a Diane Wakoski poem "Emerald Ice," and also a tip of the hat to a Modern Lovers' song. It's a little bit about the creative process; borrowing, and being inspired by things.

What is your favorite lyric on this song?

Hard to choose--for this one I really like how it all functions together.

What inspires you to write and make art?

All kinds of stuff--stuff I'm not even expecting. Most usually, it is a mix of news of what's happening in the world coupled with my personal relationships.

What draws you out of a dark mood?

The right kind of music and kindness from other people.

If you could send out a positive signal to yourself or to others: what would it be?

Confidence, self-assurance.... I would want to look myself or someone else in the eye and say, "you're really capable and if you just take care of yourself, you're going to do wonderful things, I know you will." I really think human beings are almost magically powerful when allowed to grow in healthy conditions.

Tell us about the photo.

It seems sort of basic, but I've been taking a lot of pictures of flowers this spring. I was really depressed for a while and coming out of that, nature seems extra vibrant to me this year, I suppose.

What are you up to next? 

Priests is writing a record that we're really excited for people to hear. Hoping it comes out in the next year or so.

The above article appeared in issue three of the fanzine Pretty Signals, in 2015.

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