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In Conversation La Bise Sound Experiments

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La Bise are a five-piece post-punk band based out of Halifax, NS, in Canada. The band recently released a 2-EP cassette on Abattoir (record label) also out of Halifax, NS. The EP included the band's 2019 EP "So Long" along with two new tracks for "Stagnant Motion," recorded in 2020. Abattoir brings together art, and music, as well as a coldwave/minimal sound aesthetic in their short-run cassette release series.

The shouted vocals in La Bise' songs pierce the air in unison with the music, and disparate parts come together as if in a dream, stretching downtempo melodies and guitar feedback resolutely over a thundering beat, bridging an almost elusive sonic gap. It is fitting then, that 'La Bise' translates from French to English as 'The Kiss'; as their creations are most definitely a marriage of both sound and metaphorical meaning brought together from separate movements.

La Bise_Abattoir label

The sold out La Bise cassette was designed with artwork created by the label, and included the original La Bise 5-song 2019 EP, "So Long," along with two brand new tracks on the B-side, called "Stagnant Motion," originally created to benefit a women's shelter in Halifax and released along with a video via a local independent contemporary arts non-profit, Everyseeker. (EVERYSEEKER presents contemporary music and sound in beautiful K’jipuktuk | Halifax, Nova Scotia.)

"Stagnant Motion" is a compilation of two new unreleased songs "Eversion" and "Black Veil" by La Bise. Composed of five individually recorded tracks that converge as one auditory evocation with visual accompaniment. A depiction of little solace in solitude and fragmented disillusion among the Coronavirus pandemic". - Everyseeker (Halifax)

Recorded and mixed to be listened to as one long eight-minute piece, 2020's Stagnant Motion stands alone: split as fragmented stories, sewn together again, and finalized as "Eversion," and "Black Veil." We spoke to La Bise about our favorite portion of the track, named, "Black Veil."

Listen to both tracks, now:

What is the story behind “Black Veil” and why did you write it?

It started from feeling cold, then developed through imagery; trudging through snowstorms, frozen as a statue, fighting a force or entity that never subsides - a reminder of delicate mortality. 

What is your favorite lyric or part of the song (or piece)?

There’s a few different parts but the very first transition:

"fractured light / silent flame / meets blushing the horizon / turning into dusk"

....and the very last one: "draped and clenched to fear."

What inspires you to write and create art? 

Inspiration for us is found in other musicians, artists, nostalgias, those we love, and from the need to release overwhelming emotions. Creating is part of the process, a medium for communicating or understanding what’s intangible. 

What draws you out of a dark mood? 

Really there are so many ways we redirect emotions and it comes in waves but through taking a deep breath or a moment to connect with other senses we neutralize and ground. We like to do things like ride outside on a bike in the sunshine, stretch, fuel creativity, pet a cat in bed, be with friends, and remember to drink water - things that nurture the soul. 

If you could send out a positive signal to yourself or to others: what would it be? 

Just a simple kiss! ...or simple words that serve as reminders like; day by day / take time / self love...

La Bise - Halifax NS
Image: La Bise in Halifax.

Include a photo of the band (or a photo or piece of art that inspires the band). Tell us about the photo or image or art and why you chose it.

This is actually the only photo we have of us all together. It’s from just after we played our very first show in Halifax. It was a really special feeling and the bond is evident! 

What is the band up to right now, and going forward? 

We are getting caught up on a backlog of new songs since isolating. We had to record and finish writing our parts for Stagnant Motion individually in quarantine so it’s really nice to be with each other again! Definitely another EP and maybe even some electronic stuff someday--!

Keep an eye out for new music from La Bise (in 2021).

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