Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever To Tell” CD (2003)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever To Tell” CD (2003)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever To Tell” CD (2003)
Interscope Records

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever To Tell” CD (2003)

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Details: YYYs' album debut on Interscope Records, released in 2003. Used CD, NM. Small crack in plastic case, artwork and CD are NM/M (like new).

Description: "Karen O constructs her own careful language to talk about parts of herself that people are quick to dismiss. Fever To Tell forces listeners to reckon with the ways in which women and femmes have been historically silenced and ridiculed for having the desire to talk about their bodies as their own.

Ultimately, Fever To Tell is a deeply personal and complicated album that explores something that is universal. You can love and you can fall out of love. You can have sex but also feel both nervous and excited about it. In Yeah Yeah Yeahs' cannon dismantling debut album, it is OK to feel everything at once." - Sophie Kemp, NPR

Grade: NM (Cover/CD)


1. Rich
2. Date With The Night
3. Man
4. Tick
5. Black Tongue
6. Pin
7. Cold Light
8. No No No
9. Maps
10. Y Control
11.1 Modern Romance
11.2 Poor Song