Wet Leg "Wet Leg" CD (2022)
Wet Leg "Wet Leg" CD (2022)
Domino Recordings

Wet Leg "Wet Leg" CD (2022)

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Details: Wet Leg debut album released via Domino Recordings, 2022. New stock, sealed. Digipak design CD format.

Description: "After releasing two of the hottest singles of the year, Wet Legs Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers were catapulted from their confines on the Isle of Wight to sold out venues across the UK and packed-out tents at festivals causing giddy excitement wherever they went. Now, the duo is thrilled to unveil news of their debut album. The album is called Wet Leg."

"... Even when it comes to the tracks that are markedly subdued in comparison to the others, there are no dull moments on Wet Leg. With the winning pairing of two incredible guitarists and excellent songwriting, this is a near-flawless introduction. The record holds such a compelling collection of songs, it’s already exciting to await what Wet Leg will come up with next." - AV Club

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Being In Love
2. Chaise Longue
3. Angelica
4. I Don't Wanna Go Out
5. Wet Dream
6. Convincing
7. Loving You
8. Ur Mom
9. Oh No
10. Piece of Shit
11. Supermarket
12. Too Late Now