Wendy & Lisa "Waterfall '89" Remix Single (1989). Front cover image. Dance, electronic, pop.
Wendy & Lisa "Waterfall '89" Remix Single (1989). Back cover image. Dance, electronic, pop.
Wendy & Lisa "Waterfall '89" Remix Single (1989). Silver-injection record label image. Dance, electronic, pop.
Virgin Records

Wendy & Lisa "Waterfall '89" Single (1989)

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Details: Used 7" record, silver-injection label, remix single from eponymous Wendy & Lisa 1987 album debut. Wendy & Lisa were immediately signed by Columbia Records after Prince surprisingly disbanded his backing band, The Revolution (around the release of his 8th album "Parade"). Although Wendy & Lisa had become members of The Revolution at different times, they were childhood friends, and later romantic partners for a time: both of their fathers played in LA's influential session player guild, The Wrecking Crew. Great condition and well-designed UK import!

Description: "Five of the tracks on the album [Wendy & Lisa] were co-written by Bobby Z., Wendy and Lisa's former colleague from The Revolution, who also co-produced the album with the duo. Wendy's twin sister, Susannah Melvoin (an extended Revolution member herself) co-wrote the track "Honeymoon Express". The album, released in the United States on August 24, 1987, peaked at number 88 in the US and at number 84 in the UK. The UK and European release featured different cover artwork to the US release. Waterfall '89 was a remix of the third single released from their debut, previously titled simply, "Waterfall"."

"Keyboardist Lisa Coleman was 19 when she started working with Prince on his 1980 album Dirty Mind. Her childhood friend, guitarist Wendy Melvoin, was also 19 when she joined Prince in 1983 for Purple Rain. Known from that point on as Wendy & Lisa, Melvoin and Coleman became key members of the Revolution, Prince's band at the peak of his musical powers and multi-platinum popularity. After they left the group in 86, the pair continued as a recording duo and as composers for such hit TV shows as Heroes. Shimmering with bright surfaces that complement its complex depths, their latest album, White Flags of Winter Chimneys, showcases sophisticated strains of rock and jazz that definitively assert their serious chops."--Out (magazine interview: Barry Walters, The Revolution Will Be Harmonized)

Grade: VG (cover) / VG+ (record)

Tracklisting Side A:

1. Waterfall '89 ("Alice & Sundial Seven")

Tracklisting Side B:

1. Always In My Dreams