Vivian Girls "Share The Joy" LP (2011)
Vivian Girls "Share The Joy" LP (2011)
Vivian Girls "Share The Joy" LP (2011)
Polyvinyl Records

Vivian Girls "Share The Joy" LP (2011)

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Details: New stock, sealed. 3rd studio album by Vivian Girls featuring the tracks "I Heard You Say" and " Take It As It Comes." released on Polyvinyl Records in 2011. Recorded and engineered by Jarvis Taveniere of Woods. Black vinyl variant, gatefold edition. Comes with d/l code.

Description: "After the huge buildup from their self-titled release, Vivian Girls seemed to suffer an undeserved backlash from the critics and even some fans when their following releases broke the mold of their debuts. Share the Joy doesn't so much break their initial form as it does expand upon it and stretch it into a fuller-bodied creature. Simply put, this is the best and most daring release from the group. If this doesn't shut up the former naysayers, then it's only because they're too scared to make the leap with the band."

"Vivian Girls' third LP, recorded at the home studio of Woods' Jarvis Taveniere, finds them experimenting with self-referential songwriting and guitar solos. Good ol' brevity-- the soul of wit and arguably the Vivian Girls' greatest asset on their 2008 debut LP."--Pitchfork

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. The Other Girls
A2. I Heard You Say
A3. Dance (If You Wanna)
A4. Lake House
A5. Trying To Pretend


B1. Sixteen Ways
B2. Take It As It Comes
B3. Vanishing Of Time
B4. Death
B5. Light In Your Eyes