Various "Eccentric Soul: The Shiptown Label" 2XLP Chesapink (2022)
Various "Eccentric Soul: The Shiptown Label" 2XLP Chesapink (2022)
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Various "Eccentric Soul: The Shiptown Label" 2XLP Chesapink (2022)

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Details: Numero 081 features a new Eccentric Soul category entry, this time focusing on the output between '65-'77 from several groups released on the Norfolk, VA label, Shiptown. Album comes pressed on 'Chesapink' (pink ombre) color double-vinyl, includes a beautiful attached booklet/guide attached to inside-right panel of this heavy-stock gatefold design. File under: Ida Sands, Barbara Stant, Wilson Williams, The Soul Duo, and others. New stock, sealed. Hype sticker on front.

Description: "From a humble storefront studio located in a shoeshine parlor on Norfolk, Virginia’s Church Street, Noah Biggs built a world. Hustler by day, gambler by night, the always-in-a-suit Biggs took a gaggle of off-brand singers and combined his connections and charisma to forge timeless soul music during a period of deep upheaval. Compiled here are 25 of Shiptown’s most compelling sides recorded between 1965-1977, spread across 2 LPs, from the likes of Ida Sands, The Soul Duo, The Anglos, Dream Team, The Grooms, Positive Sounds, Barbara Stant, Wilson Williams, Art Ensley, and yes, Flip Flop Stevens."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Dream Team - There He Is
A2. The Soul Duo - Can’t Nobody Love Me (Like My Baby Do)
A3. The Idets - Doggie In The Window

A4. The Anglos - Since You’ve Been Gone

A5. Ida Sands - Prophesize
A6. Barbara Stant - Shadow In Your Footsteps

A7. Wilson Williams - I Can’t Get Used To Losing You


B1. Flip Flop Stevens - Let’s Do That Thing (Part 1)
B2. Barbara Stant - Baby I Love You
B3. Nat Fross - Too Many Skeletons In The Closet
B4. The Grooms - Slow Down
B5. Barbara Stant - My Mind Holds Onto Yesterday
B6. Ida Sands - Start All Over Again 


C1. Wilson Williams - I Got A Whole Lot To Be Thankful For
C2. The Positive Sounds - I Almost Blew My Mind
C3. The Grooms - I Deserve A Little Bit More
C4. Barbara Stant - Unsatisfied Woman 
C5. The Positive Sounds - You’re The One I Need


D1. Dream Team - I’m Not Satisfied
D2. Ida Sands - Rescue Me
D3. Barbara Stant - I’m Going To Outfit You
D4. The Soul Duo - Are You Lonely For Me Baby
D5. Wilson Williams - Ain’t That Loving You
D6. The Soul Duo - This Is Your Day
D7. Art Ensley and The Fabulous Echoes - Band Open The Door To Your Heart