Tubs, The "Dead Meat" Silver or Black LP or CD (2023)
Tubs, The "Dead Meat" Silver or Black LP or CD (2023)
Tubs, The "Dead Meat" Silver or Black LP or CD (2023)
Tubs, The "Dead Meat" Silver or Black LP or CD (2023)
Trouble In Mind

Tubs, The "Dead Meat" Silver or Black LP or CD (2023)

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Details: The Tubs, "Dead Meat," LP or CD (2023, Trouble In Mind Records). Limited silver vinyl, black vinyl, and CD, in stock. New stock, sealed. Owen Williams of Ex-Void and Sniffany and the Nits (ex-Joanna Gruesome, and others). The Tubs originally signed to Prefect Records label (UK), and now, signed to Trouble In Mind (US).

Description: "The long-awaited full-length from London's The Tubs does not disappoint. Nine tracks of fiery, ecstatic, and glammy guitar pop that merges strident guitar jangle with Fairport-infused electric folk and a fair share of attitude and panache. Destined to never leave your turntable."

"...formed in 2018 from the ashes of beloved UK post-punk band Joanna Gruesome by former members Owen 'O' Williams and George 'GN' Nicholls. By incorporating elements of post-punk, traditional British folk, and guitar jangle seasoned by nonchalant Cleaners From Venus-influenced pop hooks and contemporary antipodean indie bands (Twerps/Goon Sax, et al).

“Dead Meat” is resplendent in hi-fidelity strum & thrum, incorporating fleeting elements of post-punk and indie jangle, but the group’s penchant for trad British folk & Canterbury folk-rock takes a noticeable, caffeinated step forward. Echoes of Fairport Convention’s decidedly English chime cross swords with singer Owen Williams’ lyrics directing Bryan Ferry’s “thinking man’s libertine” persona into a more dolorous outlook. Many songs (like “Round The Bend” and “Duped”) soar with an urgent strum under Williams’ acerbic lyrics, recalling a younger fiery Richard Thompson. They languish in an aching, bitter resignation (of both the situations described & the protagonist’s place in it), particularly near the album’s second half. Others like the previously released “I Don’t Know How It Works”, “Two Person Love” and “Illusion” (re-presented here as “Illusion Pt. II” and all rerecorded from their original 7-inch versions) up the urgency, implying that the journey for the person described in each tune is not over & may be even more desperate than before. The band has never been tighter & more dynamic, often imperceptibly ratcheting up the tension, an extra guitar strum overdubbed, a barely audible organ/synth cranking under a chorus or bridge, or unexpected backups from current Ex-Vöid (and ex-Joanna Gruesome) vocalist Lan McArdle. The Tubs are poised to take over your stereo - there’s no point in resisting."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Illusion Pt. II
A2. Two Person Love
A3. I Don't Know How It Works
A4. Dead Meat
A5. Sniveller


B1. Duped
B2. That's Fine
B3. Round The Bend
B4. Wretched Lie


1. Illusion Pt. II
2. Two Person Love
3. I Don't Know How It Works
4. Dead Meat
5. Sniveller
6. Duped
7. That's Fine
8. Round The Bend
9. Wretched Lie