Tough Age "Plays cub's Hot Dog Day" 7" EP (2015)
Mint Records

Tough Age "Plays cub's Hot Dog Day" 7" EP (2015)

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Details: Mint Records' artist Tough Age takes on the cub classics on one cool 7" single EP! Released in 2015 two years after Tough Age originally signed to Vancouver label Mint Records (the home of cub). New stock! Such a fun tribute EP! Five songs celebrating the 90s genius that was Vancouver indie originals' cub, and their super-special 1993 release, Hot Dog Day, for 2015's RSD. Limited to 500 copies pressed on translucent red vinyl (just like the original)!

Description: "More than twenty years and 150 Mint releases ago, cuddlecore trailblazers Lisa, Robynn, and Valeria rejected the grunge tendencies of Seattle-influenced Vancouver bands and turned them into a palpable positivity they could call their own. Cub's sound was so infectious that Tough Age frontman Jarrett Samson has never been shy about their influence on his musical upbringing.

Each member of Tough Age has a chance to show off their vocal skills on Plays cub’s Hot Dog Day. Performed with unabashed adoration, the spunky opener “Flying Carpet” is sure to whisk you away while the gang vocals on “Summer Samba” let the sunshine in. And when you finally get to hear why Penny Clark and Lauren Smith think Satan sucks on “My Chinchilla”, well, we’re pretty sure that’s the best." - Mint Records

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Flying Carpet
A2. My Chinchilla
A3. Electric Chair


B1. Nicolas Bragg
B2. Through My Hoop
B3. Summer Samba

Listen to Tough Age play "Nicolas Bragg":

Listen to Cub play "Nicolas Bragg":