'Til Tuesday "Welcome Home" LP (1986)
'Til Tuesday "Welcome Home" LP (1986)
'Til Tuesday "Welcome Home" LP (1986)
'Til Tuesday "Welcome Home" LP (1986)
'Til Tuesday "Welcome Home" LP (1986)

'Til Tuesday "Welcome Home" LP (1986)

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Details: 'Til Tuesday "Welcome Home" LP (1986, Epic). 'Til Tuesday's second studio album featuring singer Aimee Mann. Previously owned, light to medium wear.

Description: "It took a lot of guts and integrity for 'Til Tuesday to record Welcome Home. Hitting big with 1985's Voices Carry, Tuesday became known for a sleek, high-tech style of new wave, and it would have been easy enough for the Boston band to come out with a similar album for a follow-up. But instead of playing it safe, Tuesday gambled with inspiration and moved from new wave to a less keyboard-driven, more folk-influenced approach. Listeners who knew Tuesday for "Love in a Vacuum," "No More Crying," and Voices Carry's hit title song found things to be a lot more organic on such personal pop/rock offerings as "David Denies". Lead singer Aimee Mann sounds consistently inspired, and the writing is superb. From a commercial standpoint, the album was too radical a departure from its predecessor. But creatively, Welcome Home was quite a triumph for 'Til Tuesday."

Grade: VG+/VG+


A1. What About Love
A2. Coming Up Close
A3. On Sunday
A4. Will She Just Fall Down
A5. David Denies


B1. Lovers' Day
B2. Have Mercy
B3. Sleeping And Waking
B4. Angels Never Call
B5. No One Is Watching You Now