The Tissues "Blue Film" LP (2020)
The Tissues "Blue Film" LP (2020)
The Tissues "Blue Film" LP (2020)

The Tissues "Blue Film" LP (2020)

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Details: The Tissues, "Blue Film" (Independent, 2020). Milky clear vinyl. Limited to 300. Post-punk, punk, heavy-rock. L.A. band The Tissues debut their second full-length, Blue Film. Ten songs serving punk-rock realness championing subjects like body-and gender autonomy, feminism, and more. You may also notice lead singer Kristine Nevrose from her prime role in Alice Bag's latest video "Sister Dynamite." This is new stock, sealed. Great band from L.A.! File under The Breeders, Good Throb, Iggy Pop, and Alice Bag. 

Description: "A dark and noisy art-punk quartet that was formed in late 2015 in NE Los Angeles. Kristine Nevrose (vocals) and Jerry Narrows (guitar) called on friends Bianca Ayala (bass) and Tara Edwards (drums) to complete the lineup influenced by Pylon, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Stooges, Make-Up." The Tissues Bandcamp

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1. Do You Wanna Be My Lover
2. Salt Shaker
3. Rear Window
4. Lust Sick
5. Formation 99


1. My Body My Mind
2. Intermission
3. Blind Beast
4. Bianca Song
5. Feast Your Eyes