Breeders "All Nerve" LP (2018)
Breeders "All Nerve" LP (2018)
Breeders "All Nerve" LP (2018)

Breeders "All Nerve" LP (2018)

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Details: The Breeders first album since the release of their debut, Pod. "All Nerve" was released on 4AD Records in 2018. Black vinyl. New stock, sealed.

Description: "In March 2018, The Breeders released their first record in a decade entitled All Nerve

All Nerve reunited band members Kim and Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson – the line-up behind the iconic and platinum-selling record, Last Splash.  The quartet returned to the stage in 2013 to celebrate the album’s 20th anniversary and began quietly working on new material. Recording took place with Mike Montgomery at Candyland, Dayton, Kentucky; with Steve Albini and Greg Norman at Electrical Audio, Chicago; and with Tom Rastikis at Fernwood Studios, Dayton, Ohio.  Artwork was conceived by Chris Bigg, who has worked with the Breeders since their first album, Pod."

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A1. Nervous Mary
A2. Wait In The Car
A3. All Nerve
A4. Metagoth
A5. Spacewoman
A6. Walking With A Killer


B1. Howl At The Summit
B2. Archangel's Thunderbird (

Amon Düül II cover)
B3. Dawn: Making An Effort
B4. Skinhead #2
B5. Blues At The Acropolis