Team Dresch "Choices, Chances, Changes" Pink LP (RSD 2020)
Team Dresch "Choices, Chances, Changes" Pink LP (RSD 2020)
Team Dresch "Choices, Chances, Changes" Pink LP (RSD 2020)
Jealous Butcher Records

Team Dresch "Choices, Chances, Changes" Pink LP (RSD 2020)

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Details: Team Dresch "Choices, Chances, Changes" Singles 1994-2000. Jealous Butcher Records. RSD 2020, limited to 1500.  Includes early hits like "Hand Grenade" and later anthems like "It's A Conversation".  Pink vinyl exclusive for RSD 2020. "Team Dresch should make every "best band" list, forever." - Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney, Corin Tucker Band, Heavens to Betsy)

Description: "Team Dresch is an American queercore/punk rock band from Portland, Oregon, originally formed in Olympia, Washington, which was initially active from 1993 until 1998. The band made a significant impression on the DIY movement queercore, which gave voice through zines and music to the passions and concerns of those in both the LGBT community and the punk subculture. All bandmembers were open lesbians. Washington Post writer Chris Richards called their debut album, 1995's Personal Best, "a fiery, all-but-forgotten punk masterpiece." In the early 2000s, Team Dresch reunited, and they continue to perform. In March 2019, the band announced they would be reissuing their entire catalog via Jealous Butcher Records. Along with reissuing their catalog, the band is also plotting an upcoming tour, though dates haven't been announced. This came alongside the release of a new video for the band's classic track "Fagetarian and Dyke." The new visual featured never-before-seen live footage of the group, offering a glimpse into the wild moshpit-filled shows of their heyday."

"The opportunity to reevaluate these albums comes as Portland label Jealous Butcher reissues both of them on vinyl, CD, and streaming platforms, along with a CD-and-streaming-only singles compilation called Choices, Chances, Changes: Singles & Comptracks 1994-2000. A soft case with a band photo collage on the outside cover and a chronologically sequenced array of miscellaneous releases on the inside, it feels like a promo CD you might get at a punk fest and end up treasuring. Selections include fan-favorite “Hand Grenade” (a track that first appeared as a 7" on Kill Rock Stars), an early version of “Fake Fight,” the bratty Tribe 8-reminiscent “Song for Anne Bannon” (released on Candy Ass’s Free to Fight self-defense compilation), and several songs recorded after Wilson left the band in 1996. Less cohesive than their full-lengths, it’s a compilation for collectors and true fans, demonstrating the band’s range and offering sought-after bonus tracks for when two records are just not enough." --NM Mashurov, Pitchfork (excerpt)

Grade: M (new stock, sealed)


A1. My Voice
A2. Hand Grenade
A3. Endtime Relay
A4. Molasses In January
A5. Seven


B1. Fake Fight (Yoyo Version)
B2. Song for Annie Bannon 
B3. What Can A Lover Do?
B4. It's A Conversation
B5. Deattached
B6. Venus Lacy
B7. Temporary Insurance