Summer Camp "Young" CD EP (2010)
Summer Camp "Young" CD EP (2010)
Summer Camp "Young" CD EP (2010)
Summer Camp "Young" CD EP (2010)
Moshi Moshi

Summer Camp "Young" CD EP (2010)

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Details: Used CD from London (UK) duo Summer Camp on Moshi Moshi. The songs on Summer Camp's debut six-song EP "Young" (Moshi Moshi) are an affectionate look at youth, friendship, 80s teen movies, romance, and love. Synth-pop, indie rock, boy-girl call and response vocals. Their song about "Jake Ryan" (lyrics: 'c'mon and ruin me...!') is priceless (Sixteen Candles). "The Smiths meet The Shangri-La's..."

Description: "Summer Camp's debut single “Ghost Train”, reappears on their six-track EP (appropriately titled “Young”) and sounds as yearning, melancholic and beautiful as ever. “Young” boasts many other sparkling treats besides though, such as the addictive Smiths-meets-Shangri-La’s stomp of “Was It Worth It?”, the gorgeously tropical sway of “Why Don’t You Stay” and the pithy kitchen sink vignettes of “Veronica Sawyer” – think Mike Leigh chronicling the world of John Hughes with equal parts wit and gentle resignation and you’re close.

It also contains the sweetly soaring single “Round the Moon”, which plays out, essentially, like Summer Camp in miniature, sounding like the best end-of-prom tune never written, complete with whirling, Magnetic Fields-esque keyboards and the simple yet strikingly poignant lyric “we danced all night and we held each other tight/ till the morning light”. Forget any notions of revivalism – Summer Camp has no truck with that. Their commitment to perfect pop craftsmanship is not in service to the history of music; but rather, to the listener, capturing exactly why the potency of a great pop song remains untouched." - Moshi Moshi Records

Grade: VG+ (cover) / NM (CD)


1. Round The Moon
2. Was It Worth It
3. Veronica Sawyer
4. Why Don't You Stay
5. Ghost Train
6. Jake Ryan