Staple Singers "Turning Point" LP (1984)
Staple Singers "Turning Point" LP (1984)
Staple Singers "Turning Point" LP (1984)
Private I Records

Staple Singers "Turning Point" LP (1984)

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Details: Staple Singers, "Turning Point," released on Private I Records (CBS, 1984). Promo gold stamp over UPC on back. Light hairline on first track, side 2, otherwise super-clean. Does not affect play/play-through.

Description: "Among the soul music cognoscente it's generally felt that the Staple Singers' golden years were their recordings (from 1968-1974) for Stax Records and that their later albums, as they moved away from the Southern soul flavorings of their Muscle Shoals recordings to more sophisticated R&B arrangements they creatively lost their way. But such a view isn't strictly true, as this 1984 album proves. Alongside the "Slippery People" gem 'Turning Point' also contains tracks like "Bridges Instead Of Walls", penned by the group's old Stax compatriots Homer Banks and Carl Hampton, which delightfully blends the old Memphis sound with new wah-wah guitars and Fairlight programming while "Right Decision" features downhome philosopher Pops pondering the meaning of life. Overall, this album stands up well 28 years on from when originally released."

Grade: VG+ (Record/Cover)


A1. This Is Our Night
A2. Slippery People
A3. Bridges Instead Of Walls
A4. The Turning Point


B1. Right Decision
B2. H-A-T-E (Don't Live Here Anymore)
B3. On My Own Again
B4. That's What Friends Are For