Space Camp "Overjoyed In This World" LP (2020)
Space Camp "Overjoyed In This World" LP (2020)
Space Camp "Overjoyed In This World" LP (2020)
Redscroll Records

Space Camp "Overjoyed In This World" LP (2020)

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Details: New stock lavender (color) vinyl from Redscroll Records band, Space Camp, released March 6, 2020. Organic heavy sounding doom rock with an artistic bent ("hardcore, avant-garde, metal, experimental"). Favorite fan review quote from the band's Bandcamp: "this album makes me wanna yell in my apartment and knock over a lamp." - 8DeadSuns (perfect!) Favorite tracks: Biological Car Crash and The Rift. 

Description: "This is the LAVENDER color vinyl LP record version of which there are 300. The test pressings have sounded honestly amazing. I hadn't heard the record fully until I heard it blasting from my turntable! If you've got a stereo set up with a turntable to fully immerse yourself into (and maybe you like lavender more than apple green or maybe you're just gonna get both) then this record then this is the one you're after.

SPACE CAMP is a two-piece experimental project from South Windsor, Connecticut. Once described as “non-denominational, non-binary hardcore,” SPACE CAMP is genreless but painfully sincere - they channel all of the trappings of hardcore, metal, and the avant-garde using keyboards, trombone, and a drum set. They write songs about survival, despair, gender dysphoria, gender euphoria, anger, and hope. The best way to understand it is to hear it." - Redscroll Records

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Space Camp IHeartRadio Music Festival Meltdown
2. Fifth Grade Orchiectomy
3. Acid
4. Biological Car Crash
5. The Rift


1. Welcome To My Castle
2. Girders
3. Rafters
4. She Tells Me Yes Yes Yes
5. Toll Brothers Estates At South Windsor Awaits Its Inevitable Demise