Sound Of Science Self-Titled Minty Ice LP (2022)
Sound Of Science Self-Titled Minty Ice LP (2022)
Castles In Space

Sound Of Science Self-Titled Minty Ice LP (2022)

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Details: Sound Of Science Self-Titled Minty Ice color LP (2022, Castles in Space distributed by The State51 Conspiracy). New stock, gatefold design, comes with 7" size insert full-color booklet. Item comes open in heavy poly clear outer sleeve.

Description: "Dean Honer is a Sheffield-based musician, producer, and founding member of many iconic electronic music bands including The All Seeing I, I Monster, The Moonlandingz, and The Eccentronic Research Council. He has worked as a producer for bands such as The Human League, Add N to X, and Roisin Murphy. Kevin Pearce is a songwriter from Essex. He has received plaudits for his work from The Independent, The Guardian, and Mojo magazine. His music has been used on HBO programs in the USA as well as BBC TV shows in the UK. Dean explains the background and inspiration for the album:

“The idea for The Sound of Science had been in my head for a number of years. Being a parent of young kids I endured a lot of very cliched and awful children's songs that were attempting to combine education and entertainment. These quickly became a form of torture to me, something that the CIA might use in covert operations to flush out a drug cartel from their hideout. It became apparent that there was a desperate need for informative songs and music that were appealing and bearable for both children and their parents. I recruited my friend Kevin Pearce, (who I have produced and collaborated with on various projects over the years), to bounce ideas off and who could put together a nice series of chords and could sing! Which helps when writing songs. Kevin is from an acoustic folk background and I'm more of a one-finger synth player in the Human League tradition. I thought it would be interesting to mix the folk and electronic element together for children’s songs.

“We then recruited various artists to sing on the tracks including PsychFolk singer Sharron Kraus, performance artist Heidi Kilpaleinen (HK119), synth goddess Tara Busch, artist and ex-Add N to X man Steven Claydon and vocalists Liza Violet and Tom O'Hara. Kevin and I are both interested in science and astronomy so that was the obvious direction for the album. Writing songs about various scientific subjects was interesting and a challenge. Aiming them at children meant that we didn't need a Ph.D. for the lyrics. It became more about conveying a sense of wonder and presenting some amazing facts to the audience."

Grade: M (new stock)