Soul Glo "Untitled" (I and II) EPs Clear LP (2018)
Soul Glo "Untitled" (I and II) EPs Clear LP (2018)
Soul Glo "Untitled" (I and II) EPs Clear LP (2018)
Soul Glo "Untitled" (I and II) EPs Clear LP (2018)
Soul Glo "Untitled" (I and II) EPs Clear LP (2018)
SRA Records

Soul Glo "Untitled" (I and II) EPs Clear LP (2018)

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Details: Used clear vinyl of Soul Glo's Untitled and Untitled II EPs. 

Description: "This is Philadelphia's Soul Glo's “Untitled EP” and “Untitled EP II” on one transparent red LP. Soul Glo is a self­-described “aggressive” band from Philadelphia. “Aggressive” typifies their presence in multiple senses: their first release is an untitled 13­track LP of sonically diverse exploration of all of the best themes of extreme music. Covering ground that journeys from hardcore punk to black metal with welcome experiences of power violence, screamo, and grindcore, the band applies aggression in a much more direct and urgent sense lyrically, describing “the experience of the Black American,” as their priority. “Aggressive” doesn’t just apply to their open politics but also the ease with which the message spreads to the ears of anyone who daily walks with the burden of “social other” on their back. It’s a replenishment of the body’s water in a drought, both revealing and satisfying a need for truth that one doesn’t know they possess. In the same places, they find inspiration, the members of Soul Glo see a desperate need for change. They have little interest in simply providing the world with more color-­by­numbers hardcore songs, and instead focus on the politics of identity and experience in an increasingly dystopian America." - SRA Records

Grade: NM (cover) / NM (record)


1. Untitled I
2. Untitled II
3. Untitled III
4. Untitled IV
5. Untitled V
6. Untitled VI
7. Untitled VII


1. Guilty of Being… Wait
2. New Humanism
3. Inextricable
4. Created In H.I.S. Image
5. Two Hits
6. Real Ass Life
7. Put Yr Head Down
8. Son Of A Gun
9. But Fucking Why?
10. Trigger Warning
11. Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported
12. The Movement Has No Head
13. Closer 2 Tha God