Sixteen Jackies "Hostile Architecture" CS (2021)
Sixteen Jackies "Hostile Architecture" CS (2021)
Born Losers Records

Sixteen Jackies "Hostile Architecture" CS (2021)

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Details: Hostile Architecture, the new EP by Philadelphia band Sixteen Jackies, released on Born Losers in October 2021. Cassette pressing, purple cassette shell, white pad printing. 

Description: "Hostile Architecture is an EP about the baggage that comes with growing up queer and closeted and the problems that that baggage creates down the line. The EP was released 10/29/21 via Born Losers Records."

“Creature Feature” is a seamless marriage of the band’s fuzz-laden glam punk with sweeping declarations of romantic devotion. Amidst all the references to pulpy monster movies, the band drops lines straight out of the girl-group playbook (“I just wanna be your baby”), all the while tracing a tribute to the rollercoaster of teenage queer love. DeMarco shouts and howls his way through the song before the band launches into a spikey climactic guitar solo to carry the track to a close. Though the track takes its name most obviously from the monster movies that have long inspired the band, once you dig a little deeper past the blood on-screen, you find a heartfelt outsider anthem and an irresistible pop song beneath.

DeMarco says of the track, “Creature Feature” is one of our more lighthearted songs, though there’s still a good bit of angst bubbling underneath. It’s about two dudes falling in love, getting messed up, and going to the movies. I originally wrote this song when I was seventeen as a joke but it’s gone through many evolutions since then. This version feels like a scarily over-the-top declaration of devotion inside of a haunted house."--Under the Radar Mag

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1. Just Kids
2. The Motions
3. Creature Feature
4. Romeo
5. An Ending VHS #3 (A Birth)
6. It's So Easy