Nikki Lane "Denim & Diamonds" Opaque Purple RP LP (2022)
Nikki Lane "Denim & Diamonds" Opaque Purple RP LP (2022)
New West Records

Nikki Lane "Denim & Diamonds" Opaque Purple RP LP (2022)

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Details: Nikki Lane "Denim & Diamonds" Opaque Purple RP LP (2022, New West Records). New stock, sealed.

Description: "From the first bass note within the driving drum beat you can tell something is different about the new record from Nikki Lane. The backbeat feels like a gutsy strut while the lead guitar feels like a revved-up engine shifting gears. Denim & Diamonds comes out firing, spit-shining the cowboy boots and tossing on a jean jacket.

Produced by Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Denim & Diamonds has the Highway Queen embracing a more rock-oriented sound while still maintaining the heartfelt outlaw country sound she has developed across her previous three releases. Denim & Diamonds still has the fuck-off flare of which Nikki has come to be known. Her stylized, story-telling lyrics are all there as well as her catchy country hooks. The outlaw country sound is now balanced out with a gritty guitar and a machine gun snare that echoes the sound of 70’s rock.

Nikki Lane has made a record that sounds new and old. Familiar and surprising. She embraces where she has come from, (“First High”, “Born Tough”) the lessons learned along the way, (“Good Enough”, “Try Harder”) all while doing things her way, (“Denim & Diamonds”, “Black Widow”)."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. First High
A2. Denim & Diamonds
A3. Faded
A4. Born Tough
A5. Try Harder


B1. Good Enough
B2. Live/Love
B3. Black Widow
B4. Pass It Down
B5. Chimayo