Muffs, The "Really Really Happy" LP RE (2022)
Muffs, The "Really Really Happy" LP RE (2022)
Omnivore Recordings

Muffs, The "Really Really Happy" LP RE (2022)

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Details: Omnivore Recordings May 2022 reissue of The Muffs' fifth album, "Really Really Happy." New stock, sealed.

Description: ‘Really Really Happy’ is the fifth album by Californian punk pop band The Muffs and was originally released in 2004. The band’s sound blends the gruff, grunge edge of Hole with the sweet melodic sensibilities of bands such as Letters To Cleo and Fuzzy. The Muffs are led by Kim Shattuck who initially filled Kim Deal’s gigantic shoes in the reformed Pixies."


A1. Freak Out
A2. A Little Luxury
A3. Really Really Happy
A4. Something Inside
A5. Everybody Loves You
A6. Don't Pick On Me
A7. And I Go Pow
A8. My Lucky Day


B1. Fancy Girl
B2. How I Pass The Time
B3. Slow
B4. I'm Here I'm Not
B5. The Whole World
B6. My Awful Dream
B7. By My Side
B8. Oh Poor You
B9. The Story Of Me