PM Press "Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution" Book (2021)
PM Press

PM Press "Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution" Book (2021)

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Details: PM Press "Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution - An Oral History" Book (2021), new stock, short discount, very light corner/spine wear.  224 pp.

Description: "Through exclusive interviews with protagonists like Bruce LaBruce, G.B. Jones, John Waters, and many more, alongside a treasure trove of never-before-seen photographs and reprinted zines, Queercore traces the history of a scene—from its inception in the bedrooms and coffee shops of Toronto and San Francisco by a few young, queer punks, to its emergence as a relevant and real revolution. Queercore gets a down-to-details firsthand account of the movement explored through the people that lived it—from punk's early queer elements, to the moments Toronto kids decided they needed to create a scene that didn't exist, to the infiltration of the mainstream by Pansy Division, and the emergence of Riot Grrrl as a sister movement—as well as the clothes, zines, art, film, and music that made this movement an exciting, in-your-face middle finger to complacent gay and straight society."

Grade: NM/NM

Contributors: Liam Warfield, Walter Crasshole (journalist, author, editor), Yony Leyser (writer/director), Anna Joy Springer (author, associate professor at UC San Diego, and performance artist), Lynn Breedlove (writer, performer, musician, activist and entrepreneur).

Press: Queercore is the unrelenting polyrhythm of a culture, chanted in varied waves of sensation, by some of its most essential voices. Zigzagging through generations of nostalgia and controversy faster than their own power chords, this is not just a record of queercore (the movement), but a theoretical discussion about the intersectional ideology of ‘Queer,’ as well as ‘Punk’ itself. Reading this book gave me the absolutely necessary opportunity to reinvigorate my own punk, both as performance art and radical protest. This unflinching oral history of how a subculture begins and survives, tenaciously layered in the present, is a bridge over the gap, that I, for one, have been waiting for.”
—JD Samson, musician, producer, songwriter, and DJ (Le Tigre, MEN)

Queercore: How To Punk a Revolution delivers a deeply invested history of the forgotten roots of queercore. While to some punk was inherently gay as fuck, the actual queer revolution came few and far between bands, scenes, and eras whose intersections were small, yet wildly significant. With voices ranging from Penny Arcade to Brontez Purnell, we hear a vast history from around the globe, echoing everything queer, dirty, and true.”
—Cristy C. Road, frontwoman of Choked Up and author of Spit and Passion and Next World Tarot