Luscious Jackson "Electric Honey" CD PR (1999)
Luscious Jackson "Electric Honey" CD PR (1999)
Luscious Jackson "Electric Honey" CD PR (1999)
Luscious Jackson "Electric Honey" CD PR (1999)
Grand Royal/Capitol Records

Luscious Jackson "Electric Honey" CD PR (1999)

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Details: Luscious Jackson's 3rd studio LP, "Electric Honey," was released on Grand Royal with Capitol Records in 1999. Nice copy! Very light wear on CD, promo stickers on booklet and CD.

Description: "... With Electric Honey, their beefiest album, Luscious clearly wants to capitalize on their heightened profile. ”Nervous Breakthrough,” a thick-and-chunky strut with tooting saxes, is like a loud, party-ready friend who bursts through the door, inviting all to join in. It’s one of many tracks that amplifies the trio’s funky-chick vibe without diminishing its power. I have no idea what Cunniff means when singing ”I’m an underwater fraulein/All I know is my rhyme” in ”Devotion,” and I don’t care; when the chorus kicks in, it’s smart-pop heaven, not unlike Blondie’s crossover-dream move with Parallel Lines.

Electric Honey also branches out confidently. The synth-poppy airiness of ”Christine,” about a sheltered teen who ”listened to the records in the basement/ always lookin’ for something beautiful to sing to,” is as new to them as the Lilith-style fare of ”Friends,” whose touchy-feely mood (courtesy of guitarist Gabrielle Glaser, whose singing lessons last year paid off) finds them letting down their guard. On ”Ladyfingers,” Cunniff admits ”I got heart” and backs it up with a track that simultaneously rocks and lulls you; Emmylou Harris pitches in for extra harmony convergence.

Electric Honey overplays the radio-friendly approach in the slick ”Fantastic Fabulous,” and someone should have told them that any song called ”Space Diva” — even if it’s meant to be ironic — should still be worthy of a diva. Deep down, though, Luscious Jackson are divas, albeit alt-rock ones. They’re not afraid to want the world, and they make that desire seem both worthy and necessary."--Entertainment Weekly 

Grade: VG+ (CD/Cover)


1. Nervous Breakthrough
2. Ladyfingers
3. Christine
4. Alien Lover
5. Summer Daze
6. Sexy Hypnotist
7. Friends
8. Devotion
9. Fantastic Fabulous
10. Gypsy
11. Beloved
12. Country's A Callin' 
13. Space Diva
14. Fly
15. Lover's Moon