Locate S,1 "Wicked Jaw" Sky Blue LP (2023)
Captured Tracks

Locate S,1 "Wicked Jaw" Sky Blue LP (2023)

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Details: Locate S,1 "Wicked Jaw" Sky Blue LP (2023, Captured Tracks). New stock, sealed.

Description: "From teddy grahams to pussy hats, California forest fires to cash cabs, the stuff of American nostalgia and horror adorns a personal reckoning on Christina Schneider’s triumphant third album as Locate S,1. With a name culled from a Daschel Hammitt noir novel, Wicked Jaw pulls from wildly disparate references and textures to survey the history of American pop music. The Athens, Georgia-based songwriter, producer, and virtuosic pop connoisseur authored the album over two years while beginning treatment for childhood sexual abuse by a relative. "I was using these songs as an expression valve for all of these different parts (of myself) that I was trying to integrate," she explained. The result is a surprisingly tender and often jubilant set of conversations with the ghosts of painful memories, Schneider transforming her metaphysical scars into gleaming armor as she redefines herself on her own terms. 

Grade: M (new stock)