Liz Phair "Exile In Guyville" CD (1993)
Liz Phair "Exile In Guyville" CD (1993)
Liz Phair "Exile In Guyville" CD (1993)
Liz Phair "Exile In Guyville" CD (1993)
Matador Records

Liz Phair "Exile In Guyville" CD (1993)

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Details: Liz Phair's debut album, Exile In Guyville, released on Matador Records (1993). Both CD and cover look great! CD has no scratches or scuffs and CD cover has been well taken care of.

Description: "Twenty-five years ago, Liz Phair came up with an interesting concept for her debut album: She would record a song-by-song reply to the Rolling Stones’ classic 1972 double LP Exile on Main St. Eighteen songs later, she had the cheekily titled Exile in Guyville, a brash, candid and swaggering album that became a key addition to the alternative-rock canon.

It’s a testament to Guyville‘s own brilliance and influence that the album is hardly remembered for its Stones-y origins.

“I had a lot to say on the subject matter they put forth,” Phair tells Rolling Stone. The Stones’ reflections on their own rock & roll lifestyle inspired her own musings on the Chicago indie scene she cut her teeth in. “I wanted to touch it because it was so untouchable.”

Touching the untouchable allowed Phair to tap into a fresh well of emotional honesty. Her lyrics cut to the core of her feelings about the male-dominated rock scene, her relationships and her sexuality while flexing her signature monotone delivery and experimental, freeform guitar playing. With help from her producer Brad Wood and guitarist Casey Rice, Guyville became an immediate success, but it was a polarizing topic in her local scene."

Grade: NM (Cover/CD)


1. 6'1"
2. Help Me Mary
3. Glory
4. Dance Of The Seven Veils
5. Never Said
6. Soap Star Joe
7. Explain It To me
8. Canary
9. Mesmerizing
10. Fuck and Run
11. Girls! Girls! Girls!
12. Divorce Song
13. Shatter
14. Flower
15. Johnny Sunshine
16. Gunshy
17. Stratford-On-Guy
18. Strange Loop