Linda Ronstadt "Heart Like A Wheel" LP (1974)
Linda Ronstadt "Heart Like A Wheel" LP (1974)
Linda Ronstadt "Heart Like A Wheel" LP (1974)
Linda Ronstadt "Heart Like A Wheel" LP (1974)
Linda Ronstadt "Heart Like A Wheel" LP (1974)
Capitol Records

Linda Ronstadt "Heart Like A Wheel" LP (1974)

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Details: Linda Ronstadt's fifth studio album released on Capitol Records (1974). Winchester pressing. Really great sounding album, vinyl is graded conservatively and record cover has some slight sleeve wear but for a used find is in really great used condition.

Description: "... Heart Like a Wheel made Live in Hollywood possible. In the second half of the ’70s, Linda Ronstadt became more than just a pop star. She sold-out arenas and brought mainstream attention to cult songwriters like Warren Zevon and Elvis Costello, appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone and Time, and was deemed the Queen of Rock. There had never been a female artist like her in American history, and few male rock acts were so fluent in classic songs and new ones alike, so capable and respected as a bandleader, or possessed of such a stunning, technically masterful voice.

No, Ronstadt never played an instrument in concert or on record. She never wrote her own songs, either. She had one power, but it was a superpower. Viewed from one angle, Linda Ronstadt’s career is the story of a woman gradually recognizing the power of her own voice. She had the tone early, but you can hear her control improve in each successive album. Her breaths sound more natural, her vibrato becomes more pronounced. By Heart Like a Wheel, she’d mastered it. In the ensuing years she was equally at home singing Pirates of Penzance on Broadway, making albums with big-band legend Nelson Riddle or the top Mariachi bands in Mexico, and harmonizing with Dolly Parton, Aaron Neville, or Kermit the Frog. She seemed to grasp that her voice was some supernatural gift that she had a responsibility to cultivate and share, and every time she went looking for bigger audiences, she found them eager to listen.

So what made her feel so connected to Anna McGarrigle’s little poem of lost love? As a young woman fighting her way out of a male-dominated music scene, she must have related to the deep ungendered sorrow in the song’s lyrics, but she must also have been looking for a tune that could be fully hers. She needed a lyric that she could feel more deeply than anyone else, and a melody she could bless with her unwavering tone. There was a world of music in her mind, and this one whispered verse turned out to be the key that opened it."--Pitchfork

"Heart Like a Wheel is the fifth solo studio album by Linda Ronstadt, released in November 1974. Her first to reach the top of the Billboard 200 and winning a Grammy Award, it is considered Ronstadt's breakthrough album. It was Ronstadt's last album to be released by Capitol Records."

Grade: VG+ (Record/Cover)


A1. You're No Good
A2. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
A3. Faithless Love
A4. Dark End Of The Street
A5. Heart Like A Wheel


B1. When Will I Be Loved
B2. Willin
B3. I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You
B4. Keep Me From Blowing Away
B5. You Can Close Your Eyes