Lil’ Kim/Puff Daddy “No Time” 12” Single (1996)
Lil’ Kim/Puff Daddy “No Time” 12” Single (1996)
Big Beat Records

Lil’ Kim/Puff Daddy “No Time” 12” Single (1996)

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Details: New/sealed copy of the 1996 12” single, “No Time,” also featuring Puff Daddy (Sean Combs). Released on Undeas, Big Beat and Atlantic.

Description: “What’s remarkable is how rappers like Kim and Salt-N-Pepa, despite being under the guidance of male producers, still used their voices as tools of liberation.

Although Biggie’s involvement will always be a point of contention, he is a big reason [Kim’s] best album was her first one. What Kim accomplished on her own, despite his input, is still monumental. Her lyrics (“No licky licky, fuck the dicky dicky”) became shameless mantras for women who were both discovering and engaging in sex. “If you look at the adult sex business from the beginning of time,” says Heather Hunter, “the whole idea was to open the doors so our culture could embrace it and, as African-American women, to be proud of your sexuality and be proud of your temple. To see Lil’ Kim, the Wanda Dees of the world, the Foxy Browns, to see these people open these doors and embrace it and move forward, to me, was a beautiful thing.”—file under: Motherlode, Lil Kim, Pitchfork 

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A1. No Time (Album Version)
A2. No Time (Instrumental)


B1. No Time (Single Version)
B2. No Time (Acapella Version)