Knife Pleats “Hat Bark Beach” LP (2015)
Knife Pleats “Hat Bark Beach” LP (2015)
Lost Sound Tapes

Knife Pleats “Hat Bark Beach” LP (2015)

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Details: Rose Melberg’s most recent band project Knife Pleats released the album debut, “Hat Bark Beach” in 2015 on LP on WIAWYA in the UK, Jigsaw (on CD) and Lost Sound Tapes in the US (on vinyl). This is the US Lost Sound Tapes issue vinyl pressing. New stock, sealed.

Description:Knife Pleats is the newest project from the prolific Rose Melberg, whose past projects include Tiger Trap, The Softies, Go Sailor, Gaze, Imaginary Pants, PUPS, and several solo records. The first singles from the Vancouver-based project, which features Kaity McWhinney and Tracey Vath of Love Cuts and drummer Gregor Phillips, recall the sounds Melberg is most known for: crisp and bouncy guitar pop and heartfelt lyrics.

On “One Step Too Far,” Melberg contemplates the passage of time (“Please don’t change too much too fast these days won’t last long”) against lively arraignments. “Terrible” is slightly more pensive, a reflection of the inner workings of a relationship. Both tracks are sure to appeals to Melberg fans old and new.”

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A1. Monocularly Blind
A2. Learn To Swim
A3. Chiming Of Bells
A4. Terrible
A5. One Step Too Far
A6. Distant Ships


B1. Things I Hold
B2. The Mouse
B3. Wonderful 
B4. Last Few Days
B5. Borders
B6. Constellation