King Azaz "Tunnels" CS (2015)
King Azaz "Tunnels" CS (2015)
King Azaz "Tunnels" CS (2015)
King Azaz "Tunnels" CS (2015)

King Azaz "Tunnels" CS (2015)

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Details: Translucent green cassette tape, full-color double-sided 3-panel j-card cover. Comes with d/l code.

Description: "You’re going to wish you’d invested in a pair of Panasonics from the corner bodega the moment King Azaz’s big, meaty sound comes tumbling through those tinny earbuds that came with your iPhone. Tunnels, the duo’s debut EP, is a barbed-wire mesh of guitars, colossal percussion, and angular angst that belies the band’s admitted influences — The Jesus Lizard, Cat Power, Hole and, as drummer Sarah Schardt puts it, “an immediate need to rebel against [her hometown sound]” i.e. the jangly twee infections of Chapel Hill — and turns this crashing, dust-in-the-bathwater noise into a vicious, iconoclastic assault." - Alex Smith, City Paper (2015)

Recorded and mixed in Philadelphia by Dan Angel and James Rsykalchick. "Named for the great King Azaz the Unabridged, ruler of Dictionopolis, Philly lo-fi band King Azaz’s downtempo minimalist punk rock defies its namesake by cutting right to the chase. Their music is skin and bones, taut and unadorned. Norton Juster would be proud. Or horrified. Throughout their EP Tunnels, the duo of Christo and Sarah tear up their songs leaving a mess of noise and feedback in their wake."--Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

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A1. The Midwest Is Only A Home
A2. Shithead
A3. For Lovers And Hypocrites


B1. Elm St.
B2. Graveyards
B3. Rockets (Cat Power)