Janelle Monáe "The Memory Librarian And Other Stories of Dirty Computer" Book (2023)
Janelle Monáe "The Memory Librarian And Other Stories of Dirty Computer" Book (2023)
Harper Voyager

Janelle Monáe "The Memory Librarian And Other Stories of Dirty Computer" Book (2023)

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Details: Janelle Monáe "The Memory Librarian And Other Stories of Dirty Computer" Book (2023, Harper Voyager, 352 pages, 1.4" H x 7.6" L x 5.4" W). New stock, trade paperback.

Description: New York Times bestseller! In The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories of Dirty Computer, singer-songwriter, actor, fashion icon, futurist, and worldwide superstar Janelle Monáe brings to the written page the Afrofuturistic world of one of her critically acclaimed albumsexploring how different threads of liberation—queerness, race, gender plurality, and love—become tangled with future possibilities of memory and time in such a totalitarian landscape…and what the costs might be when trying to unravel and weave them into freedoms.

Grade: M (new stock)

Full Description: "Whoever controls our memories controls the future.

Janelle Monáe and an incredible array of talented collaborators have crafted a collection of tales comprising the bold vision and powerful themes that have made Monáe such a compelling and celebrated storyteller. Dirty Computer introduced a world in which thoughts—as a means of self-conception—could be controlled or erased by a select few. And whether you were human, AI, or other, your life and sentience were dictated by those who’d convinced themselves they had the right to decide your fate.

That was until Jane 57821 decided to remember and break free.

Expanding from that mythos, these stories fully explore what it’s like to live in such a totalitarian society . . . and what it takes to get out of it. Building off the tradition of speculative fiction writers such as Octavia E. Butler, Ted Chiang, Becky Chambers, and Nnedi Okorafor—and filled with powerful themes and Monáe’s emblematic artistic vision—The Memory Librarian serves to readers tales that dissect the human trials of identity expression, technology, and love, reaching through to the worlds of memory and time, and the stakes and power that pulse there."

Author: Janelle Monáe is widely celebrated as an American singer/songwriter, actress, producer, fashion icon, and futurist whose globally successful career spans over a decade. With her highly theatrical and stylized concept albums, she has garnered eight Grammy nominations and has developed her own label imprint, Wondaland Arts Society. Monáe has also earned great success as an actor, starring in critically acclaimed films including MoonlightHidden FiguresHarrietThe Glorias, and the 2020 horror film Antebellum. She will star in the highly anticipated sequel Knives Out 2The Memory Librarian is her debut book.

Press: "Janelle Monáe is a creative superstar who has tackled everything from music to fashion to film. And with The Memory Librarian, she enters the literary world, proving that there's truly nothing she can't do. . . Echoes of classics like Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind mix powerfully with explorations of genderqueerness, love, race, and more. . . True to the science fiction genre, The Memory Librarian is an assemblage of hope; liberation emerges when our memories and histories are used as educators. This one is sure to leave an impression." -- Bust Magazine

"A reminder for those who've ever been told they don't fit in that there's a world beyond this harsh one and a set of tools that can help them get there. . . The Afrofuturist collection feeds both Monáe's fan base, who will be hungry to delve deeper into her work, and sci-fi fans looking for another book in the burgeoning Black speculative fiction genre."-- Washington Post

"A poignant commentary on the power of technology, the preservation of queer identity and the commodification of time. . . The Memory Librarian shows us the future can be an unnerving reflection of our unexamined vices, but we can also plant the seeds for a brighter tomorrow." -- USA Today

"In her book, Monáe offers us a warning, but also a way out. . . Flawed, dirty, proudly glitching, the queer robots of Monáe's vision refuse to be so easily boiled down into 1s and 0s. The Memory Librarian might not be the answer to the social and political upsets of our time, but it is an answer, and a fiercely inspiring one: a deepening of Afrofuturism's potential to weaponize our dreams for a freer, more joyous world." -- Wired