Jane Wiedlin "Tangled" CS (1990)
Jane Wiedlin "Tangled" CS (1990)
Jane Wiedlin "Tangled" CS (1990)
Jane Wiedlin "Tangled" CS (1990)
EMI Records

Jane Wiedlin "Tangled" CS (1990)

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Details: Jane Wiedlin's third solo album, "Tangled," was released on cassette by EMI, in 1990. Very fun album, super nice condition!

Description: "After seven years of playing together, The Go-Go’s split up and went their separate ways. Jane moved on to a solo career, releasing six albums of her own which included the hits “Rush Hour“, “Blue Kiss” and “Tangled” (a song featured in the movie “Pretty Woman”). Rolling Stone magazine called her last solo album “Kissproof World“, a “solo tour de force by an entrepreneur, an actress, and rock goddess.“--Jane Wiedlin.com

"Jane’s third album Tangled (1990) showed a lot of promise with its fun rousing single World On Fire. A lavish music video accompanied the singles release with Jane as a temptress. I’m dumbfounded it failed to make inroads on the charts in 1990. It should have produced another top 10 hit for her, but for some reason the gods conspired against her.

The album itself had some limited success, but it too was ultimately plagued by a lack of interest from the buying public. World On Fire and the album’s title track Tangled, which appeared on the Pretty Woman soundtrack, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, failed to kick-start big sales, not because they were bad songs, but allegedly because her record label EMI failed to promote it. Jane Wiedlin, of course, was less than impressed, which in turn led to her departure from her record label. Nonetheless, Jane had good reason to be proud of her efforts with Tangled. It was a far more mature album than her previous releases.

Overall, in my opinion, the album is an admirable accomplishment in its ability to convey a message whether it is about longing, regret or freedom. The opening track Rain On Me seductively draws us into Wiedlin’s world with bittersweet melodies accompanied by a satisfying guitar riff. These themes continue throughout the album with lyrics that are fun and sweet (at times) and straightforward enough in what she wants to say. Her two anthemic songs Flowers on The Battle Field and Euphoria are standouts on the album, along with her track Paper Heart in which she co-wrote with Cyndi Lauper. But it is the whimsy World On Fire that reminds me how much fun Jane can have when given the chance."--Robert Horvat for Rearview Mirror

Grade: NM (Cassette/Sleeve)


A1. Rain On Me
A2. At The End Of The Day
A3. Guardian Angel
A4. Flowers On The Battlefield
A5. Tangled


B1. World On Fire
B2. Paper Heart
B3. Big Rock Candy Mountain
B4. 99 Ways
B5. Euphoria