Jana Rush "Pariah" 2xLP (2017)
Objects Limited

Jana Rush "Pariah" 2xLP (2017)

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Details: Chicago DJ and musician Jana Rush's debut black vinyl double-LP released on Objects LImited in 2017 (limited to 300). "Pariah, stylistically speaking, is more like a historical survey of dance music: Across its 12 tracks, Rush doesn’t so much break apart genre as reconstitute it in her own image."--Pitchfork Used item--light shelf-wear on cover.

Description: "Back with the heat, Chicago native DJ Jana Rush kicks off Objects Limited’s 2017 with her debut album ‘Pariah’. Jana Rush received attention for her mind-bending drum acrobatics on last year's ‘MPC 7635’ EP under the name Ja Ru, also released by Objects Ltd. Jana started DJiing aged just 10, releasing her first record on Dance Mania back in 1996, but having a hiatus from music between 2000 and 2013. With ‘Pariah’ she has created an album rooted in Chicago's footwork sound, but with a myriad of influences, such as jungle, acid, soul, jazz and house, developing her sound on from ‘MPC 7635’.

We kick off with ‘Midline Shift’ whose breathy, clipped erotic vocals intertwine with a pulsing bass and dry 808 rims creating a shimmering robotic effect. Moving on, the frantic ‘Beat Maze’ confuses the mind with white noise rushes and interlocking snares. Changing the scene, ‘Divine’ is sweetly soporific and charming, a beautiful, almost eerie track. The pace picks right back up with ‘??? ??’, whose warbling jazz clarinets cut into a juke bounce. The stripped back beats of ‘Break It’ give one room to breathe before the croaking bass and distorted acid of ‘No Fuks Given’. ‘Old Skool’ is exactly what you'd expect, its sample syncopated around a feverish rhythm throughout. Both ‘Rapid Fire and ‘Acid Tech 2’ are bangers, hitting you deep in that sweet spot. Jana brings it back down with ’CPU’'s computer noises and sub bass hits. ‘Chill Mode’ gives time for reflection after all that fire, but its no ambient track, theres still that Chi-Town vibe. We finish with ‘Frenetic Snare’ whose Amen breaks will have Brits thinking of jungle, but it's a different beast altogether."

Grade: NM (Cover/Record)


A1. Midline Shift
A2. Beat Maze
A3. Divine


B1. ??? ??
B2. Break It
B3. No Fuks Given


C1. Old Skool
C2. Rapid Fire
C3. Acid Tek 2


D2. Chill Mode
D3. Frenetic Snare