Ida "Heart Like A River" CD (2005)
Ida "Heart Like A River" CD (2005)
Ida "Heart Like A River" CD (2005)
Ida "Heart Like A River" CD (2005)
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Ida "Heart Like A River" CD (2005)

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Details: Ida "Heart Like A River" (Polyvinyl, 2005). Light edge/shelf wear on digipak, very light wear on CD.

Description: "Over ten years and six albums, Ida has come up from the wet ground of hush-core duo to an ensemble-driven by three stellar songwriters, all crafting a tender sweet sound that is flowing and ornate. All of their records are unmistakable - they are marked by the distinct vocal triumvirate of Elizabeth Mitchell, Daniel Littleton, and Karla Schickele.

Their music may tend to be "soft", but it is not shy, and that is evident on Heart Like a River. Taking cues from On the Beach-era Neil Young, the band dives from whisper strums to righteous drone or overdriven solo. They reference the early-mid seventies sound of rebel girls getting free: of Joni, of Rickie Lee - a little haunted, sparse, lush solitude, grown-up, sad and tough."

Grade: VG+ (CD/Digipak)


1. Laurel Blues
2. 599
3. Late Blues
4. Mine
5. What Can I Do
6. The Details
7. Sundown
8. Honeyslide
9. Written On My Face
10. The Morning
11. Forgive