Garbage "Version 2.0" CD (1998)
Garbage "Version 2.0" CD (1998)
Garbage "Version 2.0" CD (1998)
Garbage "Version 2.0" CD (1998)
Garbage "Version 2.0" CD (1998)
ALMO Sounds

Garbage "Version 2.0" CD (1998)

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Details: Version 2.0 is the second studio album by Garbage, released in 1998, and in North America on Almo Sounds. 

Description: "When you come out with a debut album that so clearly defines your sound, and that instantly puts you in the spotlight, it can be tough to put out a sophomore album on the same level, especially without majorly reinventing your sound. 20 years ago, Garbage became an exception to this trend. Their 1995 self-titled debut was one of those debuts, and its 1998 follow-up Version 2.0 -- which gets an expanded reissue today -- was a refinement, not a reinvention, but it was also bigger and better in every way. Shirley Manson called it "the quintessential Garbage record" and it's tough to disagree with her. It's one of those albums that feels like it doubles as a greatest hits collection. Seven of its twelve songs were literally released as singles in some form, and the five others all sound like they could have been. (How was "Sleep Together" never a single??) Listening to the album now, 20 years later, it doesn't sound a day old. It's got traits that were characteristic of the '90s alternative rock scene that Garbage came from, but Version 2.0 is timeless."--BrooklynVegan

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. Temptation Walls
2. I Think I'm Paranoid
3. When I Grow Up
4. Medication
5. Special
6. Hammering In My Head
7. Push It
8. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
9. Dumb
10. Sleep Together
11. Wicked Ways
12. You Look So Fine