Frank Black “Teenager Of The Year” CD (1994)
Frank Black “Teenager Of The Year” CD (1994)
Frank Black “Teenager Of The Year” CD (1994)

Frank Black “Teenager Of The Year” CD (1994)

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Details: Second solo album released by Frank Black in 1994 on Elektra in the US and 4AD in the UK. Used CD, cover is VG+, and media is NM.

Description: From the Quietus, "Teenager Of The Year feels like a lost Pixies album in the way Ram feels like a lost Beatles album. It’s colossal, it teems with innovation. It’s as discombobulating and in many ways as impenetrable as anything the great man has ever done, and all the better for it. Indie Cindy might be a welcome return (well I think it is) but seek this out again or seek it out for the first time - because it might just be the highwater mark. Black Francis might not have all those tunes bursting out of his locker now, but they’ll never be able to take those teenage accolades away. He probably looks back at that photo with the crown and the bouquet of blood red roses and wonders where the time has gone as well." - Jeremy Allen/Luke Turner

Grade: VG+ (Cover) / NM (CD)


1. Whatever Happened To Pong?
2. Thalassocracy
3. (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
4. Calistan
5. The Vanishing Spies
6. Speedy Marie
7. Headache
8. Sir Rockaby
9. Freedom Rock
10. Two Reelers
11. Fiddle Riddle
12. Olé Mulholland
13. Fazer Eyes 
14. I Could Stay Here Forever
15. The Hostest With The Mostest
16. Superabound
17. Big Red
18. Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
19. White Noise Maker
20. Pure Denizen Of The Citizens Band
21. Bad, Wicked World
22. Pie In The Sky