Eerie Wanda "Internal Radio" Lavender LP (2022)
Eerie Wanda "Internal Radio" Lavender LP (2022)
Joyful Noise Recordings

Eerie Wanda "Internal Radio" Lavender LP (2022)

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Details: Eerie Wanda "Internal Radio" Lavender LP (2022, Joyful Noise Recordings). 

Description: "On Internal Radio, the new album by Eerie Wanda, visual artist and musician Marina Tadic welcomes you to her inner world. Guided by intuition, Tadic's songs use haunting, ethereal space, growing whole universes from the seeds of ideas. Internal Radio documents Tadic becoming the artist she wants to be, working through some things, and even exorcising a few demons. The result is the most realized Eerie Wanda album yet, building on the project's guitar pop past for a more experimental, otherworldly, serious grown-up affair that ventures into sensitive, emotional territory."

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A1. Sail To The Silver Sun
A2. NOWx1000
A3. Long Time
A4. On Heaven
A5. Confess
A6. Nightwalk


B1. Someone's In My House
B2. Sister Take My Hand
B3. Birds Aren't Real
B4. Puzzled
B5. Bon Voyage