Divinyls "Temperamental" CS (1988)
Divinyls "Temperamental" CS (1988)
Divinyls "Temperamental" CS (1988)
Divinyls "Temperamental" CS (1988)
Divinyls "Temperamental" CS (1988)
Divinyls "Temperamental" CS (1988)
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Divinyls "Temperamental" CS (1988)

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Details: Divinyls 1988 album, "Temperamental," on cassette tape. Nice condition, clear cassette shell. Divinyls track, "Back To The Wall" also appeared on the soundtrack to A Nightmare on Elm Street 4. This would be the Aussie band's third studio album.

Description: "[Mike] Chapman not only produced Temperamental, he also allowed the quirky, rough-edged charm shown on Desperate to come through. There are some nifty little touches, like clever usage of backing choruses as aural coloring. Divinyls is now reduced to the songwriting team of Amphlett and lead guitarist Mark McEntee, but the hired hands on bass and drums provide a superbly compatible loose-limbed wallop. The title track is the killer; the others are also generally strong right off the bat. The Syndicate of Sound’s “Hey Little Girl” gets an impressive reading: the original is definitive, but Amphlett’s rare ability to make the tune hers (as “Hey Little Boy”) is an entertaining angle." - Trouser Press

Grade: NM (Cover/Cassette)


A1. Temperamental 
A2. Back To The Wall
A3. Hey Little Boy
A4. Punxsie 
A5. Dance Of Love


B1. Better Days
B2. Dirty Love
B3. Because
B4. Fighting 
B5. Run-Away Train