Chér "With Love" LP (1967)
Chér "With Love" LP (1967)
Chér "With Love" LP (1967)
Imperial Records

Chér "With Love" LP (1967)

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Details: Imperial Records stereo release of Chér's 1967 album, With Love (used). Cover shows some water damage, and media is VG. Just a fun kick around album. Plays through, and because you want to listen to 1967 Chér. Features a wacked out 60s cover of Jimi Hendrix track, "Hey Joe," (thank you Sonny Bono) and a track from the soundtrack of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg featuring Catherine Deneuve and directed by Jacques Demy.

Description: "With Love, Chér was released in 1967, was produced by Sonny Bono and was issued by the Liberty Records subsidiary, Imperial Records. Once again the formula of cover songs and a new song written by Bono exclusively for Cher is used. On these tracks her voice is smooth and strong, but the sales failed to match the success of previous albums. Four singles were released from the album: the cover "Behind The Door" and "Hey Joe" and two songs written by Bono, "Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies)" and her last big hit of the decade "You Better Sit Down Kids".

The album contains covers of "The Times They Are A-Changin", "Hey Joe" and "I Will Wait for You" (the soundtrack of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg). In this same year Cher recorded "Bambini Miei Cari (Sedetevi Attorno)", the Italian version of "You Better Sit Down Kids", and "Mama", the Italian version of "Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies)". Both were released as singles and "Mama" was later covered by French singer Dalida.

In 2005, this album and Cher's previous album Chér were reissued on one CD called Chér/With Love which featured all the tracks from both."

Grade: G (Cover) / VG (Record)


A1. You Better Sit Down Kids
A2. But I Can't Love You More
A3. Hey Joe 
A4. Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies)
A5. Behind The Door


B1. Sing For Your Supper
B2. Love At Me
B3. There But For Fortune
B4. I Will Wait For You (Love Theme From Umbrellas of Cherbourg)
B5. The Times They Are A-Changin' (B. Dylan)