Brijean "Angelo" Pink and Blue LP (2023)
Brijean "Angelo" Pink and Blue LP (2023)
Brijean "Angelo" Pink and Blue LP (2023)
Brijean "Angelo" Pink and Blue LP (2023)
Ghostly International

Brijean "Angelo" Pink and Blue LP (2023)

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Details: Brijean "Angelo" Pink and Blue LP (2023, Ghostly International). New stock, sealed, limited color vinyl.

Description: "Angelo is an EP, named after a car, featuring nine songs Brijean have crafted and carried with them through a period of profound change, loss, and relocation. It finds percussionist/singer Brijean Murphy and multi-instrumentalist/producer Doug Stuart processing the impossible the only way they know how: through rhythm and movement. The months surrounding the acclaimed release of Feelings, their full-length Ghostly International debut in 2021 which celebrated tender self-reflection and new possibilities, rang bittersweet with the absence of touring and the sudden passing of Murphy’s father and both of Stuart’s parents. In a haze of heartache, the duo left the Bay Area to be near family, resetting in four cities in under two years. Their to-go rig became their traveling studio and these tracks, along with Angelo, became their few constants. Whereas Feelings formed over collaborative jams with friends, Angelo’s sessions presented Murphy and Stuart a chance to record at their most intimate, “to get us out of our grief and into our bodies,” says Murphy. They explored new moods and styles, reaching for effervescent dance tempos and technicolor backdrops, vibrant hues in contrast to their more somber human experiences. Angelo beams with positivity and creative renewal — a resourceful, collective answer to “What happens now?”

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Which Way To The Club?
A2. Take A Trip
A3. Shy Guy
A4. Angelo
A5. Ooo La La


B1. Colors
B2. Where Do We Go?
B3. Caldwell's Way
B4. Nostalgia