Breeders "Pod" CD RE (1992)
Breeders "Pod" CD RE (1992)
Breeders "Pod" CD RE (1992)
Breeders "Pod" CD RE (1992)

Breeders "Pod" CD RE (1992)

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Details: The Breeders debut CD "Pod," reissued on 4AD/Elektra Records (1992). Super condition!

Description: "It took Last Splash for the Breeders to win a place in the alt-rock canon, land of sold-out reunion tours and fat licensing checks. But without Pod, that canon might have looked very different."--Pitchfork

Grade: VG++ (CD/Cover)


1. Glorious
2. Doe
3. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
4. Oh!
5. Hellbound
6. When I Was A Painter
7. Fortunately Gone
8. Iris
9. Opened
10. Only In 3's
11. Lime House
12. Metal Man