Belly “Star” CD (1993)
Belly “Star” CD (1993)
Belly “Star” CD (1993)
Belly “Star” CD (1993)
Sire/Reprise Records

Belly “Star” CD (1993)

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Details: Belly’s debut album on CD (Sire/Reprise) in 1993. Fantastic condition!

Description:The quartet's breakout hit ‘Feed The Tree’, propelled Tanya to Gap ad icon, Starto gold status, and Belly to double Grammy nominations. Belly was named after Tanya's favorite word – chosen because, as she said back then, "it's both pretty and ugly" (a paradox that her songs often explored) – but it was a band in the truest sense: the secret to their chemistry lay in the mix of personalities. First there was Tanya herself, a shy, pretty, self-confessed "art chick" with hotshot credentials – she'd already co-founded the legendary Throwing Muses with her step-sister Kristin Hersh, then helped Kim Deal launch The Breeders. Next up were the Gorman brothers, childhood skate-punk friends of Tanya's who'd both spent time in Newport hardcore bands. Lead guitarist Tom brought his brooding intensity and power-pop licks to the table, while younger sibling Chris was the surfer boy drummer with an art degree, contributing endlessly inventive rhythms and also serving as the band's graphics director. The final addition was bassist Gail Greenwood, another Newport native, who came onboard after the departure of ex-Throwing Muse Fred Abong, who played on Star.”

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. Someone To Die For
2. Angel
3. Dusted
4. Every Word
5. Gepetto
6. Witch
7. Slow Dog
8. Low Red Moon
9. Feed The Tree
10. Full Moon, Empty Heart
11. White Belly
12. Untogether
13. Star
14. Sad Dress
15. Stay