Bam Bam "Villains (Also Wear White)" EP (2022)
Bam Bam "Villains (Also Wear White)" EP (2022)
Bam Bam "Villains (Also Wear White)" EP (2022)
Bam Bam "Villains (Also Wear White)" EP (2022)
Bam Bam "Villains (Also Wear White)" EP (2022)
Bam Bam "Villains (Also Wear White)" EP (2022)
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Bam Bam "Villains (Also Wear White)" EP (2022)

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Details: Chicago record store (and now, label)'s very first vinyl release is an archival document of the Seattle band Bam Bam! Includes artwork by local Philadelphia artist, Perry Shall. This brand new EP gathers the three original tracks and three unreleased tracks on one 12”, all remastered for this release by the legendary Jack Endino (Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Nirvana). 1,000 copies pressed. Includes a double-sided insert featuring band posters and artist info. Plus: 20 random records will have an original flyer inserted and 5 extra lucky random records will include an original 7"!
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Description: "In 1983, the Seattle band Bam Bam, fronted by a talented, elegant Black woman named Tina Bell, created a sound and lyrical foundation for a genre that white men with knit hats and plaid shirts would later make famous as “grunge.” Bell was backed by husband Tommy Martin and lifelong friend Scott Ledgerwood (“Scotty Buttocks”). ... 

In a 2015 episode of Welcome to the D, Jack Endino and Chris Hanzsek– the acclaimed godfathers of grunge– weigh in on the early Seattle sound during an hour-long episode.  They list off seminal bands in the scene such as The Accused and Green River. In a moment of uncertainty, Jack names the band Bam Bam, but then concedes, “No one’s gonna remember Bam Bam!” A photo of the band flashes on the screen; a stunning, young short-haired Black woman stands among an entourage of three mischievous, goofball guys– one of whom is Matt Cameron, eventual drummer of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Jack and Chris concur, “but they’re part of Seattle’s history.” The men nod in agreement and enthusiastically switch gears to discussing another little-known band named Dismal and noting Green River’s connection to Pearl Jam. ...

Bam Bam began as a three-way union among Tommy Martin’s lecherous guitar scales and Scott Ledgerwood’s thunderous bass strokes, both submerged under Tina Bell’s polished delivery of transcendental poetic doom. The documentation of Bam Bam (their recordings, photos, and videos) capture the essence of the band every punk wish existed. The irony is… they did exist, loudly, while everyone looked the other way."--excerpt, read author Jen B. Larson's full article, here:

“People need to hear Bam Bam so they can challenge the way they think about rock music. The more exposure to the history of BIPOC people and women in rock as well as every other aspect of life will hopefully get the world to the conclusion of inclusion, acceptance, and embracement of diversity.” She concludes, “I am very excited to be a part of that and help get her music and story known.”--Jen Lemasters of Bric-A-Brac Records

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A1. Villains (Also Wear White)
A2. Stress
A3. Heinz 57


B1. Swing Set (Demo)
B2. Going To A Party (Demo)
B3. It Stinks (Demo)