Babe The Blue Ox "People" PR CD (1996)
Babe The Blue Ox "People" PR CD (1996)
Babe The Blue Ox "People" PR CD (1996)
RCA Records

Babe The Blue Ox "People" PR CD (1996)

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Details: This is the promo CD version of Babe The Blue Ox's third album, People, released on RCA in digipak format. Light wear on digipak front, otherwise in lovely condition.

Description: "This word, “unsung.” It is problematic. “Lost classic.” “Best band you’ve never heard.” “Why Aren’t These Guys Famous?!” That kinda shit. It’s a most dangerous game and not a terribly fair one to the band itself. For a decade or so— beginning in 1991 and peaking in ’98 with their relentlessly glorious lost classic (ah, shit) The Way We Were, Babe developed and perfected a vibrant, volatile blend of catchy melodies and spastic, rambunctious noise, like Captain Beefheart making children’s records, Tom Waits auditioning for Kool and the Gang, the Minutemen meeting girls. They specialized in booming noise-pop rants awe-inspiring in both girth and mirth—1996’s “Fuck This Song,” a delirious, profane anthem delivered in a crisp 1:41, sums their range up excellently, the whispers to the unhinged screams, the cacophonic riffs to the subtle pop sensibilities. Concluding lyrics: Fuucccck! This songggg! Fuccck! This songggg!"--NY's The Village Voice

Grade: VG+ (Digipak) / NM (CD)


1. Can't Stand Up
2. Stand By Your Man
3. Rube Goldberg
4. Beat You To It
5. Fuck This Song
6. Breathe
7. Family Picnic
8. Resume
9. I'm Wrong
10. Shunpiking
11. Just Checking
12. Memphis