Austra "Future Politics" CD (2017)
Austra "Future Politics" CD (2017)
Austra "Future Politics" CD (2017)
Austra "Future Politics" CD (2017)
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Austra "Future Politics" CD (2017)

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Details: The third studio album by Toronto avant-garde electronic artist, Austra, released on Domino in 2017. Great condition, used item.

Description: "Whether cloaking itself in code, dipping into metaphor, or flying proclamations up the flagpole, these 11 songs offer a bracing, coolly tuneful vision of tomorrow that refuses to submit to inertia. In an era when simply resisting dystopia can seem idealistic, Future Politics dares to hope big."--NPR

"...her singular vocal presence provides a necessary counterpoint. Her lyrics can be oblique and occasionally ungainly. But her voice – soaring, delicate – brings vulnerability and heat to this vision of a post-human world."--The Guardian

"Austra’s gravitas is felt through Stelmanis belting her operatic tenor-which is as clean-cut as a soldier’s scalp and calls from the outer limits of her Moroder-esque production that’s both cubic and fluid. In unusual ways, she recalls Stevie Nicks with the dramatic flair of Madonna, ambitiously exploring structures as unorthodox as some of Björk’s dwellings and concepts as disruptive."--Under The Radar

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. We Were Alive
2. Future Politics
3. Utopia
4. I'm A Monster
5. I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
6. Angel In Your Eye
7. Freepower
8. Gaia
9. Beyond A Mortal
10. Deep Thought