American Culture "For My Animals" Yellow LP (2021)
American Culture "For My Animals" Yellow LP (2021)
American Culture "For My Animals" Yellow LP (2021)
American Culture "For My Animals" Yellow LP (2021)
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American Culture "For My Animals" Yellow LP (2021)

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Details: American Culture 2021 album, "For My Animals," released on yellow vinyl. Comes with d/l, risograph missing insert. Comes in an original screen-printed sleeve, with black photo corners holding screen-print (cover look is from production images for black vinyl--see images). New stock, record package sits in a poly-resealable sleeve. Hype sticker on front of poly outer sleeve.

Description: "Denver, Colorado DIY band American Culture blends the sounds of tape warble from that mix-tape your best friend made you way back when, the one who knew all the best music you've never heard before that opened up new worlds to you with traces of dub, Afrobeat, post-punk, college rock, stoner jams with touches of freedom rock, and endless punk sentiments, but not about destruction, but a community."

"For My Animals" isn't strict about genre. This is a very free bond that, like their favorites, The Meat Puppets, Crass, The Grateful Dead, The Feelies... does whatever they want. There're bits of noise-pop, outsider lo-fi, washes of psychedelia, and even hints of Jamaican dub here. It's definitely punk. Punk but not rock."

Grade: NM/NM (new stock)


A1. Silence
A2. For My Animals
A3. No Peace
A4. Small Talk
A5. Pedals
A6. Lude Dub
A7. Losing My Mind
A8. I Like American Music


B1. Dealer's House
B2. 1972
B3. Horoscopes
B4. Here She Comes
B5. Lude Dub Pt. 2
B6. Dub For Eagle
B7. Natural Violence