Alvvays “Alvvays” Digipak CD (2014)
Alvvays “Alvvays” Digipak CD (2014)
Alvvays “Alvvays” Digipak CD (2014)
Polyvinyl Records

Alvvays “Alvvays” Digipak CD (2014)

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Details: Alvvays “Alvvays” CD (2014). Alvvays' debut full-length released by Polyvinyl Records, 2014. CD digipak format. New stock, sealed.

Description: "Alvvays are two women, three men, a crate of cassettes, and a love of jingle-jangle. Molly Rankin and Kerri MacLellan grew up as next-door neighbors in Cape Breton, lifting fiddles and folk songs. Heartbreaks of different shades soon entered their lives, as did the music of Teenage Fanclub and Belle & Sebastian. Similar noisy melancholy drifted over to Prince Edward Island, finding Alec O'Hanley, Brian Murphy, and Philip MacIsaac.

Convening in Toronto, the group has been making music since dusk or maybe dawn, when stars were appearing or fading off. As a result, their debut self-titled album is both sun-splashed and twilit -- nine songs concealing drunkenness, defeat, and death in tungsten-tinted pop that glitters like sea glass.

With needlepoint melody and verse, Rankin and O'Hanley's songs were recorded at Chad VanGaalen's Yoko Eno studio and mixed by Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) and John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile). The resultant album is loud and clear and sure. Flood your ears."

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Adult Diversion
2. Archie, Marry Me
3. Ones Who Love You
4. Next of Kin
5. Party Police
6. The Agency Group
7. Dives
8. Atop a Cake
9. Red Planet