Massive Attack “Blue Lines” LP UO (1991)
Massive Attack “Blue Lines” LP UO (1991)
Massive Attack “Blue Lines” LP UO (1991)
Massive Attack “Blue Lines” LP UO (1991)
Massive Attack “Blue Lines” LP UO (1991)
Massive Attack “Blue Lines” LP UO (1991)

Massive Attack “Blue Lines” LP UO (1991)

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Details: This is an 'unofficial/misprint' of Massive Attack's 1991 album, Blue Lines. Circa Records (not Wild Bunch). Sounds fantastic! Probably... not real issue .... due to shadow print. No identifiers on sleeve or etching on runout and track list printed double shadow, also. Very strange to come across.

Description: "In 1988, now-defunct style magazine The Face dispatched a reporter to meet the Wild Bunch, a group of Bristol DJs and rappers who were local legends thanks to their parties, both legal and illegal. For a collective teetering on the brink of extinction – they would split up just after the article came out, torn apart by constant bickering and their own disorganisation – they were in remarkably bullish mood. They claimed to have invented a whole new genre of music they called "minimalist lover's hip-hop". "We're originators," offered one unnamed member at the feature's close. "Put that in your magazine. Let's get some fucking respect around here."

... They [Massive Attack] continue to make remarkable music, perhaps because they never felt impelled to copy what they'd done on Blue Lines. Then again, as umpteen lesser producers found out, copying Blue Lines was impossible." --The Guardian

"Blue Lines was a startling record when it came out, and it remains one now. ...  Blue Lines is still Blue Lines, and most of the world is still trying to catch up to it." --Miles Raymer, Pitchfork

Grade: VG++ (Cover) NM (Record)


A1. Safe From Harm
A2. One Love
A3. Blue Lines
A4. Be Thankful For What You've Got
A5. Five Man Army


B1. Unfinished Sympathy
B2. Daydreaming
B3. Lately
B4. Hymn Of The Big Wheel