Dog Day "Night Group" CD (2007)
Dog Day "Night Group" CD (2007)
Dog Day "Night Group" CD (2007)
Dog Day "Night Group" CD (2007)

Dog Day "Night Group" CD (2007)

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Details: Mint promo copy of Dog Day's debut album, "Night Group," on CD. Both Seth and Nancy were also formative members of The Burdocks.

Description: "Dog Day is a Canadian indie rock band, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Seth Smith, keyboardist Crystal Thili, bass guitarist Nancy Urich, and drummer Casey Spidle.

The band originally released its debut EP, Thank You, in 2005 on homemade CD-Rs, but due to favorable response the EP was re-released in May of that year on Out of Touch Records, the second formal pressing to be issued as a split with Divorce Records. They subsequently released their debut full-length, Night Group, in 2007 on Tomlab and Black Mountain Music.

The band have toured Canada, the United States, and Europe, and were named band of the day at on August 8, 2007."

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1. Lydia
2. End Of The World
3. Oh Dead Life
4. Career Suicide
5. Know Who You Are
6. Vow
7. Gayhorse
8. Night Group
9. Sleeping, Waiting
10. Defeat
11. Great Pains
12. Bright Light