Coachwhips "Hands On The Controls" RE CD (2016)
Show and Tell Records

Coachwhips "Hands On The Controls" RE CD (2016)

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Details: Coachwhips "Hands On The Controls" RE CD (2016, Girlsville/Show and Tell Records)

Description: "The reissue of the joyfully spastic debut album by the Coachwhips, John Dwyer's band prior to Thee Oh Sees, offers the group's 2002 collection on vinyl for the first time, along with six bonus tracks. Viewed in its original context, Hands on the Controls can be seen as an emergency retoxification of garage rock in the wake of the Strokes and the White Stripes."--Pitchfork

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1. Hands On The Controls
2. Everybody Wants Some
3. The Ride
4. OK Next Day
5. Look Into My Eyes When I Come
6. Wheelchair
7. When I Go
8. Gary
9. NYC Love
10. Mary Ann
11. That Bitch Is Gonna End Up Dead
12. Yeah Yeah Yeah
13. We Can't Go Back To My Place
14. Sex Like A See Saw
15. By The Way
16. These Things Belong To Someone Else
17. White Lights